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Technical specification:

Indoor Model Name: FTKM18PVMK

Outdoor Model Name: RKM18PVMK

Moisture removal: Cooling(l/h): 2.9

Cooling capacity: A

Nom. (Btu/h): 18,000 (3), 18,000 (4)

Min. (kW): 1.7

Nom. (kcal/h): 4,540 (5)

Max. (kW): 6.0

Min. (kcal/h): 1,440

Min. (Btu/h): 5,700

Nom. (kW): 5.28 (1), 5.3 (2)

Max. (Btu/h): 20,500

Max. (kcal/h): 5,170

Nominal efficiency:

Annual energy consumption(kWh): 675 (0.000)

Energy labeling Directive (Cooling): A

Nominal efficiency EER: 13.33 (3), 8.49 (4)

Piping connections:

Liquid: OD (mm): 6.35

Gas: OD (mm): 12.7

Heat insulation: Both liquid and gas pipes

Power input: Cooling

Min. (kW): 0.300

Nom.(kW): 1.350

Max. (kW): 1.700

Indoor unit: RKM18PVM


Nominal running current (RLA) - 50Hz: Cooling, A (6.4 (6), 6.1 (7), 5.8 (8))

Nominal running current (RLA) - 60Hz: Cooling, A (6.4 (6), 6.1 (7))

Installation services:

Covered in installation:

  1. Installation fee of Air-conditioner is included in the price. Standard Installation of Split AC Covers the following
  2. Drilling of hole in Brick wall for taking out the pipes
  3. Fixing hole sleeve & Cap
  4. Fixing the Indoor and Outdoor Unit
  5. Connecting Indoor and Outdoor units using Standard Kit provided by Manufacturer (at an additional cost, unless specified otherwise). Wrapping the pipe with seasoning tape.
  6. Connection to Stabilizer or Power point in the range of Power Cord Provided by Manufacture.
  7. Temperature/Performance Check & Demo and Maintenance tips filling the details in warranty card.

Not covered in installation:

  1. Outdoor Unit Stand.
  2. Extra copper wire if any.
  3. Drain Pipe extension if any.
  4. Plumbing and Masonry Work.
  5. Wiring extension from Meter to site, Power point/MCB fitting and any other electrical work, Carpentry work.
  6. Dismantling/Shifting of Old AC's Masonry, Core Cutting Fabrication and Electrical
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